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Duchess: Since 1956, the hallmark of quality quick-service food in Connecticut

For over sixty years, Duchess has proven that you do not need to sacrifice quality and freshness when choosing a quick-service restaurant. 

While other fast service restaurants offer only pre-cooked food from limited menus, we give our customers their choice of a wide variety of fresh food, cooked when ordered. 

Quality you can taste

We’re finicky. 
At Duchess, we have fresh produce delivered every day to our restaurants. 
We also have fresh meat and poultry delivered daily.

We use our own recipes to create our delicious food from scratch. 
Chicken breasts and nuggets are hand-cut and breaded. 
Onion rings are hand cut and made daily. 
We even make our own soups every day. 

Why do we do take the trouble to do all this, when our competition does not? 
Because we believe that quality ingredients make better meals. 
And we know that you will be able to taste the difference every time. 

Variety – Something for everyone in the family

Have you ever approached mealtime and didn’t quite know what you wanted to eat? 
Or had the whole family with you and everyone wanted something different? 
Well, we’ve been there, too. 

That’s why we offer so much variety – in fact, no other quick-service restaurant in Connecticut has a menu like ours. 
No matter what the time of day, we offer an array of sandwiches, salads and dinners that is sure to please. 

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Trying to eat healthy? 
Then you might want to try one of our delicious salads, made with fresh, grilled chicken. Our substantial Big Deli sandwiches are very popular as well. 
For breakfast, ask for an egg-white omelette and dry rye toast. 
We believe that eating out does not mean that you have to abandon your healthy lifestyle.

Speed – Fresh Food, Served Fast

For over fifty years, we have perfected the art of efficiency in the kitchen. 
So, despite the fact that we begin to make your meal when you order it, you still get it fast. That’s why our drive-thru windows are such a popular option for many of our customers.

And if you do have time to come in and relax over your meal, that’s great. 
We’ll still prepare it quickly for you to enjoy in our comfortable dining rooms.

The vision of offering something unique – a quick-service restaurant serving fresh food, made-to-order is what led our founders to start Duchess Restaurants over sixty years ago. 

We remain committed to that vision today. 
Our fresh menu, variety and service standards are the foundation of everything we do.